Winter Styling

Hi there. If you are like and me & hate winter, then dressing up for the season becomes a nightmare. I really have no winter specific clothes. I rotate my wardrobe(mostly summer)to take me through winter. One of the my favourite things as you may know is mixing prints, patterns & fabrics. So If like me you need some help, here goes.

  • Don’t pack away your skirts, even satin or silk one. Toss a coat over it with some boots.
  • Stalkings are a life saver. Throw on your mini skirt & get thick pentihose and a bright/print knit & you’re good.
  • Lots of hair is also a winner for winter. Big buns, long braids or bobs that cover your ears, fringes etc.
  • Try carry a bigish bag that will allow for a tiny throw or scarf for when you’re at restaurants, train/taxi rides or even sitting at your desk.

Comment below to share some of your tips on how you keep styled and warm

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